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The installation of the MUCS system may be accomplished with the use of the three MSI installer packages available. The usage of MSI packages provides additional support for the active directory system available under Microsoft Windows serer operating systems.

When installing the server the user had to specifiy the servers IP address and the initial administrator password for this server instance. The IP address has to be set to the network adapters address which should be used for all incoming connection. If you do leave this field empty the server will be opened on all available network cards and therefore IP addresses.

MUCS Server Konfiguration

Additionally you are able to configure the server password which is used for all control connections in order to protect your server instance. The default password is "password" if you do not choose anything else.

After the server configuration the msi installer will display another window with the database configuration options of the MUCS system shown below.

MUCS Server Datenbank Konfiguration

You have to specify the IP- Address or DNS name, the port- number (usually 3306 for MySql), the database name and your database user credentials within this configuration dialog.

The installation of the two other applications can be accomplished in the same way as the installation of the server. You always have to choose the IP address or DNS name of your MUCS server and in the case of the MUCS control application you have to specify an additional password for the server access.

You can use the MUCS system within your local network or over internet connections. Please contact your administrator for further information about your network structure in order to guarantee a fully functional application installation.