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Can I change the ports of the MUCS application?

All ports used by the MUCS system may be configured with the usage of the different .conf files within the root directory of the specific application. Please be aware of the fact that you have to change these ports pair wise. This means that you have to change the port for client connections on the MUCS server side and on the MUCS client and the port for the control connections have to be change on the MUCS server and the MUCS control application.


What is a MUCS Server?

The MUCS server is the central data storage for the MUCS System. It handles all MUCS client connections, stores the information for all these clients and dispatches all actions initiated by MUCS control applications.


What is a MUCS Client?

MUCS Client is the application used to profile and control your workstations within you MUCS network. This means that each workstation which should be profiled and controlled by the MUCS system must have this piece of software installed.


What is the MUCS Control application?

With the MUCS Control application an administrator is able to profile and control all workstations within his network. All connections to the MUCS server may be established with the use of the IP address of the server and a administration password.


Can I use the MUCS system over the internet?

The MUCS system may be used within your local network or over remote internet connections.


What can I do to secure my MUCS installation?

To gain security for your MUCS system you are abled to configure the control ports on your firewall to accept only connections by specific IP addresses. Also the client connections can be configured in with the same method to allow only certain subnets for example. Please contact you system administrator for further information.

Doe you have further questions about the MUCS system? Just contact us and we will give you some feedback in not time.