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The MUCS system requires at least 3 running applications within your network.

The central data storage for all required information is the MUCS server component. This server opens two server processes listening on the ports 1110 and 1112 for client connections.

The port 1110 is used for connections with MUCS client instances whereas the port 1112 is used for all control connection to the MUCS server.
The picture below shows an outline over the complete MUCS system architecture with the different applications.

MUCS Architektur

In order to store data concerning users and known processes the MUCS server system uses MySql as database server. MySql is a free database management system which may be downloaded from the official site of MySql www.mysql.com.

If you do not want to install and maintain your own database server you can also choose one of the hosting proposals of MasterSoft . Each one of our hosting packages includes a MySql server which can also be used as database server for the MUCS system.

Besides the MUCS server system one can see the MUCS control application and the 1 to n MUCS client instances connected to the MUCS server.

This means that the MUCS control application may be seen as the central controlling application whereas the different client application instances have to be installed on the machines which should be monitored and controlled.