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The MasterSoft User Control System implements the following features

Sending messages to users

Sending messages

To inform user accounts within your network about events or tasks the MUCS System provides a messaging system where the MUCS administrator may write messages which must be confirmed by the users it was sent too. The desktop of these users will be totally locked before confirmation which assures that the user s must read it.



With the MUCS Control application an administrator is able to browse through all user accounts registered within the MUCS System and to gain information about these users and their machines. In detail there are currently four report dialogs in addition to the main list view dialog.
The MUCS Control user is able to display all

  • installed hardware components
  • installed software components
  • installed services and
  • the running processes

for all user accounts within his MUCS network.

The reports for all installed software components and services provide a more detailed view of the registry data of this component on the machine of the user with the representation of a tree view. Known viruses, spyware or any other threatening code can be found with the usage of this report view.

To provide the ability to outline all current activities within your network the MUCS Control application may also be used to profile all running process on a specific user an his system..

The running processes report contains information about the currently active processes like their memory usage or the processor time used. Like the last report this feature provides the additional possibility to outline possible security vulnerabilities within your network.

Starting and Restarting of processes

Restarting of processes

To responed on certain threats found within the network a MUCS Control user may also terminate or restart a given process on a certain machine within his network. This enables the MUCS user to respond in an efficient and competitive way to given security threats.

Password protection

Password protection

In order to limit the access of the MUCS Control application to authorized users the MUCS server does request a password from all MUCS Control applications which are trying to connect to the server.

Disabling of processes for users and workstations

Disabling of processes

All processes of the different workstations and users can be displayed within the MUCS control application. The MUCS Control user has the ability to lock down these processes for a certain workstation or user. This way MUCS grants the ability to protect you complete network over a central user interface. Known dangerous processes can be disabled and cant harm you workstations or users anymore. Certanly the administrator has the ability to add further processes to the list of known processes in order to prevent the execution of these processes before they have been executed on one of the different client workstations. This feature provides additional security for your network machines and users.